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Last day to vote!! Help!!

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Help a girl win her dream prize!

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Life at this moment

I have decided to participate in yet another Internet craze because I need a place unknown to most of my friends to express my frustrations. So here is the status of my life at this moment:

Education: graduated and depressed about it

Weight: fluctuating
Height: 5’5” and stuck at it

Life goals: who knows?

Current plans: inhale exhale sleep

What’s wrong with me: nothing I am just In need of inspiration

Relationship: recently single and numb to it

Wish: to be paid to travel everywhere because I have no interest in anything else.

What I need: a kick in the ass and a push in the right direction

Friends: present but busy with their own lives

Family: wonderful

Living situation: at home at 21. Not what I was hoping for

I know it’s ridiculous to wish for a miracle because there are definitely people more deserving in the world. I just need to pull myself out of this rut.